Sales Features

The conventional way of handling lot sales involves multiple “offline” processes and input from various sources. It’s hard to see the big picture when it’s in so many scattered pieces. And not having access to real-time sales information compounds this problem. LotWorks Sales helps you house real-time inventory, lot status and sales information in a single, organized location.

Lot Holds

Builder show homes are primarily open on evenings and weekends—when your offices are closed. Inevitably, sales staff will end up disappointing a potential buyer who thought they had successfully put a lot on hold. LotWorks automates the hold and sales process so that everybody is reading from the same map.

Lot Sales

With LotWorks you can easily set up bulk "presale" lot purchases right from the Map Viewer, or you can allow your builders to request the purchase of a lot from your open inventory.

Purchase Agreements

LotWorks allows your builders instant access to your inventory - don't let the purchase agreement itself slow down your sales process.

Third Party Buyer Tracking

Homebuyer surveys produce quality marketing information, but they usually take a significant amount of time to collect and process the information. Let LotWorks help you out.