Company Information

Stefan Neilson

Co-Managing Partner

Stefan cut his teeth in the homebuilding industry working as a sales rep for a Calgary builder. Since transitioning into the information technology side of things 15 years ago, Stefan has focused on working with clients to create efficiencies through software. As a managing partner at Blueprint, Stefan has worked closely with many of the largest developers in Alberta.

Jon Lee

Co-Managing Partner

Jon leads the business development for Blueprint. Blueprint has been recognized as pioneers in utilizing the hub concept to create communication and business efficiencies within the construction industry. Prior to founding Blueprint in 2001, he was the President and COO of Home Media Corp., which developed and maintained the online Real Estate portal for CanWest Global Communications Corp. Jon’s focus has been to offer his clients a wealth of creative ideas in online communications for organizational success.

Garth Kennedy


Garth has over 10 years experience in designing and building web-based solutions. Initially a software programmer, he is now Blueprint’s director of technology, overseeing the design, production and delivery of Blueprint’s projects. Garth also has a degree in Journalism and Communication, which he swears still comes in handy, especially when writing client-friendly technical specifications.

Herman Wu

Senior Software Engineer, Blueprint

Herman has been writing code pretty much all his life (he went to “programming camp” in grade one). A graduate of Queen’s in Engineering and Applied Science, he has become an invaluable asset to Blueprint and leads our production team through every project with attention to detail and a determination to do things the right way the first time.