In 2001, shortly after the big internet bubble burst, Jon Lee saw an opportunity to put together a small but dedicated team whose aim would be to provide the residential building industry with best-in-class, Internet-based software that would solve some of the inefficiencies of conventional business models. Jon saw that other industries were farther down the track towards addressing communication and accountability gaps in their business-to-business transactions.

The team and opportunities came together quickly. Stefan Nielsen, who first worked in the homebuilding industry as a sales associate in a Calgary show home, joined as a managing partner; Garth Kennedy provided the technical expertise and eventually came on board to round out the management team.

A pivotal encounter with one of their early customers, Greg Lefebre from Apex Developments in Calgary, shaped Blueprint’s future and focus. In a series of detailed discussions, Greg described the methods the industry used at the time to manage their land inventory, along with the challenges and delays that they were up against. These discussions would become the framework for LotWorks.

Blueprint has taken a cautious approach to growing the company - perhaps due to lessons learned from what proved to be unsustainable growth. Through word of mouth, they added three more clients in Calgary over the next few years. With each new customer it was clear that LotWorks quickly became an integral part of their operations.  

What started out as a web-based response to one client’s immediate needs has now grown into a robust, scalable online software suite that helps establish industry best practices in land management. Through LotWorks, Blueprint’s clients have helped over 150 homebuilders connect with over 27,000 buyers of new single family homes in Western Canada.