With LotWorks Maps visualizations, you can change the way you see your inventory. Each time you select a new visualization, the map reloads with a different colour scheme and corresponding legend. You can easily view your lots by:

  • Sale Status
  • Payment Status
  • Construction Status
  • Current Owner
  • Price Range

You can even print your colour-coded map and include it in a report.


Bob Faktor

We are extremely happy with the performance gains we are realizing using LotWorks, and are also pleased with some of our less quantifiable gains such as providing valuable real-time information to our builders and the improved organization that comes with having all our information in one place.

Kevin Pyle, Manager

Our turnaround time for architectural submissions has plummeted from about four days to one or two days by eliminating courier delays and halving the time required to complete an approval from 30 minutes down to 15 minutes.

Karin Finley

LotWorks has quickly become an indispensable tool for our organization.

Iona Sentes

Blueprint has given us top-notch service. Not just their response time when we've got questions, but their availability to sit down with us, discuss our needs, give us objective feedback and work with us to develop a custom solution if need be...we see LotWorks as a valuable tool; we see Blueprint as an invaluable partner


Susan Henderson

It's hard to imagine life before LotWorks. I used to have to rely on several different staff members - who had to pull information from several different resources - to get an accurate picture of where a development was at. Now I log into the LotWorks dashboard and it's all there. I can get exactly what I need in a matter of minutes