Architectural Features

Our architectural tool helps you standardize your business rules and flow smoothly through the review and approval process. LotWorks helps your architectural team spend less time reviewing submissions, which dramatically improves efficiency, and saves both time and money. 

Architectural Approvals

The home design approval process can be time-consuming at best, incredibly frustrating at worst. LotWorks lets builder design teams know the information you require - in a format you need - in order to accept submissions and provide approvals. It helps discourage submissions that attempt to skirt requirements, which only drag out the process.

Damage Inspections

Disputes can arise when a builder takes possession of a lot, builds it out and damages the concrete or sidewalkóleaving someone on the hook for repairs. LotWorks Inspections helps you circumvent that problem by queuing up inspections prior to construction, and prompting inspectors to submit photos of any damage found.