Introducing LotWorks Maps

Blueprint is proud to announce the latest update to the LotWorks family of products: LotWorks Maps. This complete overhaul of the LotWorks mapping system integrates with Google Maps to offer powerful new features and functionality.

Among them: Accurately geo-located communities and lots, greatly improved filtering/searching tools, and an interface focused on visualizing the data that is at the heart of LotWorks.

Whether your job is to keep track of inventory, maintain design guidelines, communicate with homebuilders, or make timely decisions on when to release your next phase, trust LotWorks — and the new LotWorks Maps — to make it easier.

  • No more handwritten to-do lists, stacks of paper, and multiple spreadsheets: LotWorks is your real-time to-do list you can manage from anywhere.
  • Eliminate hours spent explaining and working around your standard business procedures - and then dealing with the fallout. LotWorks will standardize your workflow process and guide your customers through every step.
  • Your builders can place holds, submit a purchase request and add homebuyer information in LotWorks: all parties are literally working from the same map.

  • House real-time inventory, sales status and architectural information in a single, organized location.
  • Using a secure portal, home builders can lock in the model their buyers want, with the colours they want, on the lot they want.
  • The entire communication process and workflow history is logged to avoid disputes or miscommunication.

  • With single source, real-time inventory data shared across your organization, your staff will spend less time preparing for meetings, and you'll spend less time in the boardroom.
  • More accurate information means better decisions and timely adjustments in scheduling and budgets.
  • With a standardized workflow, time-stamped events and communication logs - plus daily backups - you don't have to worry about losing invaluable information on employee turnover.